Types of Online Cockfighting Bet – Cockfighting is one of the gambling games that has been played very much and is known by many people to be able to generate large profits and bonuses. Land cockfighting bets are very different from online fighting bets. Which is where in online cockfighting bets there are several types of bets and several terms. If you don’t know it, here I will explain everything in full what is in online cockfighting bets. So please continue to read this review.

Actually playing cockfighting gambling online is very easy for you to understand and learn. Which is where at the beginning of this game you only need to guess and place a bet on the choice of meron (red chicken) or Wala (blue chicken). How very easy is not it? If you already understand the guidelines for online cockfighting, then the next thing you should know is the types of bets. You can find out below:

Types of Online Cockfighting Gambling Bet

Meron Bet
This type of meron bet is where bettors place bets on red chickens (Meron). To determine the victory is also very easy, namely if the Meron chicken wins in the match then you will be declared victorious. But if the Meron chicken loses before the full round of 10 minutes then you will be declared lost in the bet.

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Wala Bet
Same with the meron bet but here you place a bet on the blue chicken. To determine the victory is also the same, namely if Wala’s chicken wins in the match, the one who places a bet on it will win. But if the wala chicken loses before the time runs out, the bettor who places a bet on the wala will lose.

BDD (Both Death Draw)
The next type of bet is BDD or the abbreviation for Both Death Draw. Which is where the betting system on BDD is if the two competing chickens die before the match time runs out it will be declared BDD and the player who placed this bet will win if it happens like that. But if the bettor places a bet on Wala or Meron then all bets that have been placed will be returned again by the dealer.…

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